112 E.23rd Street penthouse New York, NY 10010-4518
Contact Us: If you would like to apply for representation with us:
Models: Please mail your pictures in the regular mail only. No Express Mail. Do not send a messenger of any kind. No Federal Express, UPS, Airborne etc. Please do not send a delivery service of any kind. Do not come to our office. We will call you if we are interested. We do not hold an open call.
The more professional the pictures are that you e-mail us the better your chances will be that we will call you but you can send us whatever you would like. Please keep it to a minimum. Try to give us a good idea of what you look like. Like a good face and body shot. Send your name, age range, height, weight, measurements, sizes and how to contact you. If you have a web site you can send the address.